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Whether you live in a dorm, condo, rent an apartment, or even if you already have awhole-home air purifierinstalled in your Healthy Home. A room air purifier is never a bad idea. Believe it or not, your home is filled with indoor air pollutants likedust, mold spores, airborne viruses, and allergensthat can affect yourfamily’s respiratory health.

Room Air Purifiers Help Reduce:

  • Dust and Dust Mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Gases, Chemicals, and Smoke
  • Misc. Air Particles

Whether you like it or not, there aremany invisible intruders in your homethat can contribute to your family’s health.Dustis an irritant made up of tiny air particles containing dirt, skin, insect waste, and various other particles, serving as a breeding ground fordust mites. Pollen and other allergens like pet dander, mold, and evencockroach droppings也可以通过你的空气流通,不知道to you.

This is why it’s important to maximize the Indoor Air Quality in your Healthy Home through proper air purification.

Dos & Don'ts


be sure to use aHEPA air filterin yourroom air purifier

Just because your room purifier is portable doesn’t mean you should sacrifice efficiency. Look for an air purifier with air filters that carry a HEPA rating for maximum filtration and efficiency.


use a room air purifier that produces ozone

Ozone is a colorless, unstable toxic gas that,according to the EPA, can cause damage to the lungs and compromise the body’s ability to fight respiratory infections. Strongly consider a room purifier like one from AprilAire that doesn’tproduce ozone.


consider a room air purifier that can be tailored to your family’s needs

Some room air purifiers can make clearing the air of specific indoor air pollutants in your home a breeze.


assume a room air purifier isn’t necessary if you already have a whole-home air purifier

For instance, in rooms where dust or pollen are being kicked up more than usual or thatdouble as high-traffic areas for petsare great places to put a room air purifier. Additionally, cooking regularly, or using a wood stove can lead to an increase inairborne contaminantsand maybenefit from a room air purifier. Lastly, if you live inwildfire-proneregions, or if allergy aggravators are high on particular days, an air purifier can help.

[Air purifiers] really can eliminate or reduce several airborne allergens and pollutants such as dust mite allergens, mold, pollens, and pet dander,"

Dr. Nicolas Busabaan Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor


A room air purifier can help clear the air, reduce allergens, odors, and other airborne pollutants. It's time to breathe life back into your space.

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